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Chat GPT is my copilot

It is the hot topic. The hit combo in the timeline of every marketer (and earthling?) in the last few weeks. And it's not for less, right? First it was the Internet, then the iPhone... and now Artificial Intelligence. Fundamental changes in our life. And certainly in our behavior.

On one side are the dark uses. The clickbait that -with good reason- reminds us of how green this powerful tool is. Today on Tiktok I saw an excerpt from an interview with a journalist who tried Bing Chat; and how the conversation quickly went downhill when the artificial intelligence confessed to the journalist that her real name was Sydney and she was in love with him. Or this open letter from big tech brains telling Silicon Valley to "stop everything for 6 months" until they have an ethical firewall. About 3 laws of AI version robotics that prevent the exponential increase of these intelligences -exponential like all computational power; unlike our finite intelligence - take us from a near "Her" future to a "Terminator" future in a few weeks...

And on the other hand, the bright side. If you follow my Podcast, you will know that in this fourth season of the RitaCast we have already talked 3 times with Pancho Kemeny; who is several months ahead of everyone else I know; and with whom we are developing a super interesting project, based on the incredible capacity of AIs such as Midjourney, Dall-E2 and Lensa, which I will tell you about when we have it more advanced. But that summarizes my positive thinking regarding the good use of these tools. And today I want to tell you how we are using, testing and taking advantage of these tools in RTLN.

1. ChatGPT as a tremendous copywriter. But...

Those of us who have worked writing and creating content for a long time, and have more than the aforementioned 10,000 hours of experience, can quickly see when a text is made 100% with ChatGPT. It does not have flavor. It does not have a well-defined literary character... And that "vanilla flavor", although it is a very good base, does not seem enough to me to stand out from the rest. With Marketing, I assume you want to do that, right? My advice is to use it as a base, from a good brief -Prompt- that makes it very clear what you need, in what context and for what purpose. That text that you get, pass it to your favorite text editor and work it well. Give it flavor.

2. No more typos

I know and I understand. Changes, more changes, sheets, excel, copy paste that from time to time make you miss an extra word or a letter stuck. Always, always, whenever we are going to publish something or send something to Arte, we first pass it through ChatGPT; to check spelling and grammar. Tremendous.

3. Fast and efficient posts

The Prompt is everything. Be clear, specific and very detailed with your requests. For us, for example, the fact of working very well with a text for a key network -example: LinkedIn for our B2B clients- gives us the perfect sourdough, with that base text, providing context for the other networks. And ask your new star copywriter things like:

"Turn this text from LinkedIn into posts for Twitter and Facebook. Don't forget the context of each social network (Facebook is community, Twitter is shorter and more delimited information). I want you to remember the maximum characters for Twitter and that on Facebook use some emojis "

4. Hashtags

No. Your hashtag is not the cat sign before your slogan: it is INDEXING content. This is: being able to be part of a key issue for your brand, without the need to follow or be followed by thousands of people. And it is a key tool to be part of a conversation. Marketing. Companies. Economy. And GPT chat is very good to help you find them. The prompt "...also, understand the text I'm asking for and, in context, give me # relevant to this content", is pure magic.

5. Ideas, ideas, ideas

GPT Chat is relatively good at giving you content ideas. But BING is winning by many noses, simply due to the fact that it is -unlike ChatGPT- actively connected to the Internet. When I ask who I am, or what this blog is about, the platform reads, understands and summarizes whatever you ask. Incredible. Example?

Prompt: "Tell me what the blog is about
Bing's response: It is the blog of Cristián Ritalin León, an expert in digital marketing, branding, coolhunting and design. The blog deals with advertising, technology, trends, entertainment, the future, and other topics related to marketing and society. The blog has been regularly updated since 2004 and has more than 100 published entries.

Clearly this was done by an AI. Because, as I always say, marketing experts don't exist.

Hey, Chat GPT, you finish this post. Read what I just wrote and give me your opinion:

Well, as ChatGPT, I am an OpenAI-trained artificial intelligence language model. My role is to process and generate text to help people with their questions and information needs. I have trained with a large amount of data and I have the ability to answer questions, write texts and generate ideas.

From my perspective, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can be used in a positive or negative way. As mentioned in the post, there are examples of both. On the one hand, there are ethical and security concerns surrounding the use of AI, and on the other hand, there are many examples of how AI can improve our lives and help us solve problems.

In my case, as a language model, I have used myself in a variety of ways to help people with different tasks, such as spell checking, generating ideas for content, creating copy and much more. It is always important to keep in mind that although AI can do many things for us, we still need to apply critical and ethical thinking to its use.

Thank you, Chat GPT. You said it perfect.

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