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The Line. Future city

Saudi Arabia is bent on getting out of oil and seeking its own future wealth in the future of humanity. Thus, they have spent years researching aging, promoting tourism and, just wait... redesigning the way humanity should live. Going from the design of the industrial age, to a design on a human scale. A zero-emissions project, with a crazy structure divided into 3 levels (upstairs, there will only be pedestrians and parks, with everything within a 5-minute walk), the second part services and commerce, and the bottom one, a revolutionary transport system for high speed, which will allow you to travel its 170 km long in just 20 minutes.

A mirrored facade. No cars. And a budget of 9 million million (9 trillion "gringos") dollars. Wow.

Although it is a wonderful idea and a futurology madness, cutting natural corridors (migrations) and a wall of mirrors that could greatly heat the outer limits... is a project worth watching. What do you think?

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