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30 Reminders of a Mindful Leader

1. Take time to meditate, reflect, and study. 2. Cultivate a household that appreciates the training of a mindful leader. 3. Create moments of silence: retreat to be alone on occasion. 4. Contemplate the impermanent nature of wealth and career. 5. Show respect to those who teach you how to become a mindful leader. 6. On occasion, meditate and study with others who aspire to become mindful leaders. 7. Work hard to open to life’s circumstances; step beyond resistance. 8. Permit life to reveal its fundamental nature: free, vast, and confident. 9. Put others ahead of your self; focus on promoting their welfare. 10. Carefully examine all insults; quietly wish the best to those who are rude. 11. Clean up messes and difficulties, even if they are not of your making. 12. Treat adverse circumstances as your teacher. 13. When hurt by those you trust and love, show kindness. 14. Never lose courage in the face of physical pain and difficult circumstances. 15. When praised, carefully examine your tendency toward pride and arrogance. 16. Take full responsibility for your anger; lay it down gently but quickly. 17. Abandon addiction and compulsive attractions; savor pleasures with dignity. 18. Dispel the blinding effects of making “me” the center of everything. 19. When grieving, contemplate the passing nature of everything. 20. Enjoy bestowing gifts on others. 21. Cultivate your natural tendency to be decent toward others. 22. Patiently invite all that arises-good, bad, happy, sad. 23. Never give up inspiring others and contributing to the world. 24. Rest in the ease of synchronized mind. 25. Recognize that the world is free of your story lines. Notice the situation directly. 26. Reflect on your mistakes, make them friends, not enemies. 27. Create a household environment that is uplifted and wise. 28. Abandon harsh language. 29. Be sharp and quick to cut the root of arrogance and stupidity. 30. Dedicate all success to the benefit of others.

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