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Coffee: evolution and revolution

Usually this blog is about marketing, but finally what I am here to tell you about today has to do with human evolution and why we are what we are and do what we do... so it doesn't seem off topic to me.

Today is coffee day. And beyond being the drink that gets us up and the excuse to chat, coffee is much more than that. And in its day it seems worth remembering:


Some time ago I saw an interview with a scientist on Joe Rogan's podcast that impressed me: The guy went 3 months without drinking coffee and the symptoms were really impressive. What this scientist ended up postulating, here below I leave the interview, is that the altered state that coffee creates in our body would be to a large extent what has caused us to evolve as a species. So short. Data for the cause: connecting the beginnings of modern mathematics with the beginning of coffee consumption in the Middle East. Wow.


I already knew this and I also find it incredible. Formerly in the cities you could not drink water. It was very dangerous because it was very polluted and people just died. That is why it was so normalized to drink wine at all hours, except for children to have breakfast with beer. And the constant altered state of people, drowsiness, would be the anti-case of what is described above. And very surely the reason for obscurantism in the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, the first Café (coffee shop) in history, Le Procope (which I was lucky enough to visit in Paris a few years ago, it still works!), was the cradle of the French revolution. It also makes all the sense in the world doesn't it? The place of drunken conversations in bars, gatherings stimulated by coffee -made with boiled water, obviously, normalizing its consumption- until late at night.

The rest, literally, is history.

So let's celebrate coffee today.

Inspiring evolutions and revolutions.

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